ESG-driven systematic investment manager
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Impact-focused systematic investment manager

Systematic sustainability is at our core

Munich Re Investment Partners is a systematic investment manager. We view sustainability as a key component of modern investment management theory. Not a revolution, but the evolution of traditional investment concepts to obtain a broader and deeper understanding of the assets we trade. To deliver value in investment management today, a new mindset, skills and capabilities are required. We have brought together experts from systematic investing, research, trading and environmental, social and governance analysis. As a single investment team they ensure a consistent investment approach across all asset classes and markets.

We further believe that sustainable investing can only be delivered by sustainability as a corporate value. Environmental, social, and governance values are as important to us as to our investors. We are people-centred and convinced that the most essential part of our business are curious and creative individuals who enjoy collaborating with each other. We are impact-aware by default and incorporate this approach to all facets of our investment activities, as well as to our own organization.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Munich Re and collaborate with Munich Re Markets to serve clients from the global life and pension industry regarding the development of sustainable savings and retirement products. As a Munich-based asset manager, we leverage our group's vast resources while maintaining an agile start-up character.

Dr. Steffen Hörter
Munich Re Investment Partners is a specialized investment boutique that delivers innovative solutions for climate committed institutional asset owner globally. Investment Partners’ objective is to make investors achieve a positive environmental impact, diversify their portfolios, and improve investment outcomes. Capitalizing the vast climate knowhow of Munich Re.
Dr. Steffen Hörter
Managing Director
Munich Re Investment Partners

Our values and corporate DNA

We can only achieve long term economic success through responsible action. In other words: We strive to take the high road – simply because it's the right thing to do.
  • We have a digital mindset and are data-based. Newest methods in quantitative data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are not just buzz words for us.
  • Data matters more than opinions. We are research-driven at our core and emphasize quantitative analysis of financial and alternative data over assumptions.
  • We encourage our teams to share academic and financial market research and collaborate across all disciplines. This enables us to deliver the best possible results for clients and inspires our staff to stay naturally curious. From knowledge to action.
  • We apply environmental, social and governance analysis by combining financial, alternative and proprietary data to shape our view on investment risks and opportunities.
  • As an integral part of our investment process, environmental, social and governance analysis helps us to determine key factors for which drive long-term returns.  
  • We encourage our staff to actively support our environmental, social and climate goals – at work and at home.
  • As an employer, we attach the greatest importance to treating our staff in a responsible and respectful way. We create attractive conditions to promote personal and professional development and advocate for diversity.
  • We apply a rigorous and disciplined systematic investment process based on research and environmental, social and governance analysis to maximise returns and manage risk.
  • Our success is based on highly qualified and dedicated staff as well as on differentiating and enabling technological infrastructure and systems.
  • Our strategies are rooted in our investment, technology and quantitative capabilities. We use proprietary algorithms and rules-based systems to generate trades and construct portfolios. 
  • Our trading capabilities are at the intersection of technology and personality. Blending statistical observations with trading expertise enables us maximise financial success.
  • Efficient trade implementation is steered by humans. We aim for high standards in the optimisation of trade execution and implementation procedures.
  • Our hand-picked team of experts with years of professional experience in the asset management industry drive effective execution of investment strategies.

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